basics FULL NAME: Lena Ingrid Moran
DATE OF BIRTH / AGE: August 19th, 1975 / 40
HOMETOWN: Oslo, Norway
OCCUPATION: Vice President of Musa Wellness
CHILDREN: Grayson Moran, 2
EDUCATION: Boston University, Class of '97 - bachelors degree in business and communications.
Boston University, Class of '99 - masters in business and communications.

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biography There was only one person that Lena Moran could ever trust and count on; herself. At a very young age her parents disappeared, and she was placed into the Boston foster care system. A lot of couples saw the blonde hair, blue eyed baby girl as a hopeful candidate to adopt. Though every time someone came close to giving her a home, something would come up and they would withdraw their application. By the age of six Lena was used to this, and figured that she was already too old to be adopted. There wouldn't be a family happy ending for her.

Once Lena turned sixteen she was phased out of her last foster family and into a group home for girls until they turned eighteen. The home wasn't notorious for building strong characters, and in fact often crushed spirits. Lena didn't fall prey to that, she spent as much of her time away as she could and focused on how to get out. She was taken under the wing of her English teacher, Mrs. Karnilla who helped guide her towards a positive future. College had never seemed like it would be possible for someone like her, but that quickly changed. Discovering that she had a natural talent for talking to people and smoothing things over, Lena decided to double major in business and communications.

It was a rough start at Boston University, but eventually the blonde began making friends. There were two that were immediate friends; Leland and Sariah. For some reason they all clicked, and there was a healthy balance of partying and schoolwork. Lena's closeness with Leland led to a short term friends with benefits, which ended up fizzling out before they finished their bachelor's degree. It became part of the plan during grad school that Lena would come to Musa Wellness, her communications degrees would help her balance the public relations of the company as it grew across the country.

The revolving door of lovers spanned all types of relationships; friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, and the odd stranger. Though there was always variety, no one seemed worthy enough of her time in the long run. Work was the only constant, and Lena did her very hardest in keeping public opinion and interest for Musa Wellness favorable. When the time came for Henry Spelling to retire from the company, it was only fitting for her to step into the Vice President position.

As time went on, her friends began coupling up and starting their families. On the surface Lena acted like she didn't need anyone, that the revolving door of relationships met her needs but really she longed for a stable, and solid family. The loud ticking of her biological clock was becoming too much, yet the man she was dating at the time was not exactly fatherly material. Their relationship was tumultous and unhealthy; screaming matches, broken objects, and cheating on both sides. The last time they broke up Lena swore it was for good, but she had a devious plan. Knowing that Eric wouldn't say no to occasional one night stands, she purposefullyand without his knowledge stopped her birth control. Over the fall of 2012, Lena visited him a handful of times until she was finally pregnant. Cutting ties with him, she never notified Eric that he had a son that was born in June 2013.

comic verse ENCHANTRESS
both go by le(e)na moran.
both are of Norwegian descent.
both have finely honed seductions skills that are very persuasive.
both speak a number of languages.
both are natural athletes, particularly excelling in running.

unlockable traits
superhuman speed
superhuman strength
regenerative healing
superhuman reflexes & agility